1.         Legal fee to Attorney.

2.         Fees for discharging old mortgage ($20.00+)

3.            Massachusetts Excise stamps, payable to the Registry at the rate of $4.56 per

thousand dollars of the selling price.

4.         Unpaid taxes, water, sewer charges, etc (apportioned at closing).

5.         Proper installation of Smoke Detectors and delivery of Certificates of

Compliance from the Fire Department to Seller's Attorney (note ‑ the

Worcester Fire Department is booking appointments over 6‑8 weeks in


6.            Obtaining any woodstove permits from the Fire Department (if woodstove is

present in the house and is staying).

7.         Fee for Title Examination/Search (if in Worcester and nine contiguous

surrounding towns, it is customarily paid by the seller, unless the Buyer and

Seller state otherwise), estimated cost $450.00.

8.         If not connected to public sewer system, estimated $400 ‑ $1,000 for Title V

Inspection of private sewer system.

9.         Real Estate Brokerage Fee of 6% to 7% of the selling price.