Advantages of having a Buyer’s Agent?

  1. As a Buyer’s Agent, I represent you and your best interests – my loyalty is legally with you, not the Seller. You will have an “insider” who knows the details and the realities of the market, and can and will share them with you.
  1. As your Buyer’s Agent, I will preview properties in person and via the Internet for you. I will provide extensive information about the property and the town or city in which it is located.

  2. Sellers have agents who represent them – the Listing Agents. By hiring a Buyer’s Agent, you “even the playing field” and you have professional representation.

  3. As your Buyer’s Agent I will help you determine a fair market price of the property and will help you to develop a negotiating strategy for the purchase of the property. I will also help you look at the property with the “critical” eye.

  4. As your Buyer’s Agent I will help you find the most qualified Professionals to help you with the purchase of the property. The professionals to whom I may refer you include, but are not limited to, Mortgage Officers, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate Attorneys.

  5. As your Buyer’s Agent I can help you locate properties that are not on the “market” and I can help you negotiate with “For Sale By Owners” (FSBOS).

  6. Hiring a Buyer’s Agent usually does not cost you anything. Most listing brokers “co-broke” with Buyer’s Agents. In some instances Buyers can have their agents paid as a contingency of the offer.

  7. A Buyer’s Agent contract is an exclusive relationship, which pertains to any real estate transaction, covered under the terms of the agreement. However this does not restrict your purchase to properties listed by Coldwell Banker.